Fiona L


My session with Christian was so much more that I had expected. His confidence and his ability created the space for me to feel completely safe, relaxed and find the root cause of my confidence issue.
 I felt so comfortable that I went deep enough to uncover why I’ve been held back putting myself out there on social media for my business and now understand why it keeps on cropping up (in my 40’s!) I highly recommended him, he has the compassion and experience to change lives!

-Fiona L-

Emma B


I had a session with Christian over a month ago and it has completely changed my life. I had been suffering from low confidence and self-esteem for as long as I can remember and without directly knowing it, self sabotaged my own success and progression. I can't recommend him enough as the impact it has had on my life is incredible.

Erica R


Christian held a safe and nurturing space during therapy. I felt comfortable and completely at ease throughout the entire process. The initial session was liberating as we unravelled some deep seated blocks and Christian did a wonderful job at sensitively guiding me through the process with his full support.
The pace is perfect and he speaks clearly with soothing tones, which in my opinion helps to create a sense of calm throughout.

After the first session I immediately noticed I felt calmer and lighter and have continued to feel this way since. I’m on day 4 of listening to the personalised audio hypnosis he provides and I’m looking forward to seeing the results at day 21! I’ll report back then! I highly recommend Christian if you’re looking to work through and remove some deep seated emotional blocks and get out of your own way! Life changing stuff.

Chris H

Gold Coast

My RTT session with Christian was incredible. Genuinely. I was clearly quite nervous but his approach put me at ease and took me on a healing journey that is nothing short of life changing. Highly recommended! Thanks CB!



Working with Chris is great. He gets the challenges, is well trained and a very good listener. Quick, effective and absolutely transformational. I have no hesitation to recommend him based on my own experience!



Two days later, and I feel 20 years younger. I sort of get what Christian did, but nothing could have prepared for me how quickly he’s got me back to where I want to be.