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Why Resilience Is Vital Today & How You Can Build It

Resilience? The hardiness and resourcefulness to bounce back from adversity.

But it's more than that. Much.

Against the pace of change, and under the weight of today's global drama, resilience is foundational to living a stable and successul life; growing a thriving business, and generating the mental, emotional and physical benefits of inner-calm.

Why Resilience Is Vital Today?

Let's keep this simple:

1. 24/7 Distraction

Technology and innovation today seems entirely focussed on 'helping' us do more, quicker and with less effort. The fallout from this however is the chaos and distraction of having so many interfaces, people, platforms etc. demanding our attention.

Without a high degree of discipline and control, or a deep level of focus and commitment to our endeavours, distraction dissolves productivity and progress. Often leading to shame, blame and frustration.

2. Expanding Competition

It's never been easier to set-up a business and get into a game. Even with little to no capital, anyone, anywhere can launch a commercial entity. This not only adds to distraction, it also raises the competitive bar.

Staying steadfast in your committed, improving your competence and cultivating a challenger mind set is increasingly essential stay ahead.

3. Accelerated Change

Economic, political, climate, wellness, technology...almost all the things that shape us, and our personal and professional endeavours seem to be in a constant state of flux and accelerated change. To the non-committed, uncertain or emotionally and mentally fragile, this can cause immense overwhelm, leading to erratic decision making, insecurity and anxiety.

How To Build Resilience Against These Factors

Earlier, I suggested that resilience is much more than simply the hardiness and resourcefulness to bounce back from adversity. Against those three external pressures, it also provides us with the stability, the emotional and mental control, the inner-strength and the calm to stay focused, energised, optimistic and confident as we pursue the life and professional success we want.

When I work with clients and businesses, I distill resilience down to the four core pillars below. Collectively they imbue threads of cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence, providing a tangible structure with which to assess how and where to level-up your own levels resilience.

So, in abridged form:

1) Commitment: Generating clarity on what you want to achieve, strengthened with deep, emotional and enthusiastic engagement with the purpose behind it, the goals that will define success and plans in place to achieve them.

When you achieve this, and get it all aligned in an honest and positive way, the level of committed it creates makes it very hard for any distractions or self-doubt to derail your efforts.

Commitment = Enthusiasm, focus, determination, optimism and resourcefulness.

2) Control: Developing the self-control to invest your focus, energy and emotions only into what you can control, whilst controlling your thoughts and nurturing a healthy emotional response to things that happen out side of your control.

This is where you will often need to do some deeper work, or seek out some intervention support to disarm and resolve any deeper rooted issues such as fear (of success, failure, rejection etc.) anxiety and limiting, sabotaging behaviours etc.

Achieving this high level of control not only protects your power, it helps in avoiding any slip into hopelessness and overwhelm. Seeing and feeling life on your terms, to suit and serve what you want is immensely empowering, 

Control = productivity, stability, empowerment and self-leadership.

3) Competence: Building a curriculum of learning to achieve mastery in your chosen field or business both for now, and for the future you, keeps you ahead of the game and competitive.

The key here, is knowing who the future you is, and what skills you'll need to develop to grow into that.

Knowledge is power. Applied, practiced and mastered knowledge however, creates impenetrable confidence and adaptability.

Competence = confidence, adaptability, self-assurance and belief

4) Challenge: Building a challenger mindset that dissolves fear and builds courage and curiosity is a powerful armour to distraction, competition and change.

It's vital to learn how to view difficulties as a challenge, not as capitulating events. Failures and mistakes are lessons to be learned from, and opportunities for growth. But if we have a negative relationship with failure, the challenger mindset is a tough one to build.

Challenge = Courage, Creativity, Hardiness

Need Some Professional Support Building Resilience?

Here's What I Do

I combine Rapid Transformational Therapy, Transformation Coaching and Mentorship to help ambitious, driven people build powerful levels of resilience, in order to assist them in increasing their happiness, performance and success.

Who Did I Help?

I am particularly passionate about helping 3 groups of people:

1) Brave, purpose driven professionals who are transitioning into business for themselves

2) High achievers who have found themselves slowing down, or just can’t get to their next level

3) Late teenagers facing the transition into high-education or employment

I am deeply committed and passionate about what I do. I learned resilience the hard way Thankfully however, had mustered the wherewithal to remain curios, and transform those experiences into a way of helping others.

If you want to discuss where you are and how I can help you, or your employees, please click the link below and schedule a 30 minutes strategy call. Zero obligation, just the chance to share talk, share what you'd like to achieve and hear how I can support you in getting there.

CB Coaching Strategy Call: http://bit.ly/cb_discov_call

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