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What Is Coaching?

This is a series where I'm going to be addressing some of the basics around coaching; what it is, what it isn't and some of the typical benefits that you're going to get from working with a coach and some of the processes that you might go through.

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In this first blog I'm going to talk about what coaching is.

Coaching as an industry and a sector has grown phenomenally quickly particularly over the past 12 months and with so many people offering so many wonderful services out there it can probably get quite confusing.

If you were to google coaching, you're probably going to get a technical answer, along the lines of ‘coaching is a process whereby you build on your strengths and your capabilities to drive up your performance in pursuit of a goal or a set of goals’

That could be around business, health, relationship, money, career, whatever you require right now.

But I like to talk about coaching as built on three fundamental pillars.

And those pillars are;

  • Understanding,

  • Belief, and

  • Commitment.

From my perspective to be coached is to have someone see and hear you like you have never been seen and heard before.

Secondly to be coached is to have somebody believe in what you want and believe what's possible for you unconditionally.

And finally to be coached is to have someone stand for what you want and remain unstoppable in the face of whatever may arise during your coaching experience and during your coaching relationship to make sure that you achieve what you want to achieve.

So yes, it is about building on your strengths, it is about developing your capabilities, it is about the achievement of goals, but for me just to recap, coaching is fundamentally about being deeply and profoundly understood, having someone believe in you and believe in what's possible for you and have somebody remain unconditionally and unstoppable in the face of whatever may arise in terms of achieving what you want to achieve.

So that's it from me on this, I hope you've enjoyed it, I hope you found it useful and I'll be back soon with what coaching isn't.

Be well.

Christian Burne

Transformation coach and rapid transformational therapist

Helping ambitious purpose-driven professionals build extraordinary self-esteem and resilience so that they can achieve what they want in today's world with calm and confidence.

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