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What Coaching Isn't (Common Misconceptions)

Following instructions, counselling, consulting and mentoring.

Those are four of the common areas that people misunderstand as being coached.

This is part two of a series I'm doing that address the basics of coaching.

In this video I'm going to be talking about the four areas that people typically misunderstand as what coaching is.

The first of those is simply following instructions;

Do X and you'll achieve Y.

You can do that from a book, you can follow a youtube video or you can talk to somebody who looks looks like they're an expert in what you want to achieve and whilst you might get short-term results in that, it doesn't address you as an individual and the person that's doing those particular things, and that's the value that you get from being coached properly.

Number two coaching isn't counselling.

Counselling is typically backwards focused, where it needs to address past traumas or emotional issues that are showing up in your life today and creating limited behaviours and stopping you from getting to where you want to be and requires more intervention-based therapies.

Number three coaching isn't consulting.

Consulting is typically finding an expert in a particular field and have them diagnose what's wrong, prescribe solutions and more often than not, deliver those solutions on your behalf.

And finally and perhaps the most common misperception is mentoring.

To work with a mentor is to work with somebody who has achieved what you want to achieve at a high level in a particular field, they impart their wisdom, their experience and advise you on doing what you need to be doing to achieve what you want to achieve.

Now there may be some elements of coaching in that, there may even be some elements of consulting as well, but again it doesn't take you and put you as an individual at the center of the conversation, at the center of the process and that is where you will get the value from being coached.

So I hope that's helped, in the next part I'm going to be talking about the typical process of what it is to find and work with a coach, until then, be well.

Christian Burne,

Transformation coach and rapid transformational therapist,

Helping ambitious purpose-driven professionals build extraordinary self-esteem and resilience so that they can achieve what they want in today's world with calm and confidence.

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