• Christian Burne

Weekly Tips For More Calm, Balance & Consciousness

Every week - well, almost every week - I'll be sharing some abridged versions of tips and tools from across the CALM® programme.

Please feel free to use, save, share etc. as much as you'd like. And hey, if any of them particularly resonate and you'd like get into them in more detail, one-on-one, please drop me a message (+447724521787) or email (christianhburne@gmail.com)

1. Clarity - use this to deep and clear on what really lies beneath and idea, project, mission etc.

2. Alignment

Alignment is all about getting deeply infused, connected and committed you and your plans. First we get aligned internally (beliefs, views values etc.) and then we rebuild your external world.

People, the RIGHT people, are such a vital part of that process. I believe we all need:

- creative inspiration

- technical inspiration

- accountability

- life raft

Choose these people carefully, add you to the team and commit to supporting one another, and you'll be dangerous!

Use this....it's so so so powerful!

3. Leadership

This one comes courtesy of Tim Ferris, remixed slightly for my own program. It does what it say on the tin.

Try setting fears as well as goals, and smash you can those, too.

4. Momentum

Momentum is all about celebrating ourselves, and relearning how to big-up the little things just as much as the big things. This exercise is really good fun. Contrary to what it might suggest, it's simply about getting into the habit being a bit kinder to ourselves; weakening our reliance and need for external validation, and being our own cheer-leader.

Get into the habit of doing this every week. Overtime it will start to transform your relationship with yourself for the better.

For now, all the calm


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