• Christian Burne

On The Shift To Transpersonal

Old styles of thinking and leadership approaches seem no longer capable of solving the perplexing issues currently facing society.

Posing the question, “when hierarchy, autocracy, and leadership fail, what will replace them?” 

Clearly, it’s time for us to take more responsibility for our own lives, as well as for the good of the whole. I believe more and more everyday, that the human race is entering a new stage of ‘psycho-social-evolution’; a stage for which many remain ill prepared.

However, we are seeing now, a breed of coaches and therapist able to develop leaders and the people that work for them,  to the levels of performance necessary for this new evolution.

Using the higher, contemporary skills of transpersonal coaching (others may use spiritual), these coaches are able to address deeper issues of meaning and purpose with humanity’s highest potential, as well the traditional areas such as goals, beliefs, habits etc.

It’s a vital and purposeful movement; one I personally feel very proud to be a part of.

Be Well


Christian Burne is a transformation coach and therapist, based in Beaconsfield. Specialising in helping ambitious professionals break-free from life turbulence, and get back on their game stronger, happier and more confident.

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