• Christian Burne

On Permission

One of the hardest challenges we face in life, is the phantom of Permission.

Permission to try, fail, love, lose, cry, laugh, buy, sell, run, hide.

The higher the stakes, the more foreboding Permission becomes. And yet ‘waiting for permission’ is a pervasive problem that many of us unwittingly live with.

But we have a choice. We always have a choice.

We can do one, of two things:

1) Treat the phantom as if it's real, dangerous and out to get us. Leak so much energy and emotion in trying to defeat it, that we have nothing left to do the very thing for which we fought for.

2) Recognise it for what it is. Nothing. And idea. Fantasy. A non-event, and most importantly a non-issue.

I invite you to look at these 3 key areas of your life: work, health and relationships. What are the changes you’d like to make in each of these areas?

Why haven’t you made them?

Get the answers down on paper. See them. Make them tangible.

Chances are, that if you notice an area in which you haven’t made the changes you want to make, you’re unconsciously waiting for Permission.

From whom? And why?

Let it go. And then let go again.

The difference in who you can be and what you can achieve, is remarkable.

Be well.

Christian Burne is a transformation coach and therapist, based in Beaconsfield. Specialising in helping ambitious professionals break-free from life turbulence, and get back on their game stronger, happier and more confident.

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