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How Rapid Transformational Therapy Works Over Zoom & Why Now is the Perfect Time to Try It

The response I get from prospective clients during initial consultations, on whether Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be done over Zoom is invariably one of genuine surprise. Bordering, on occasion, on shock!

The truth is, conducting RTT sessions over Zoom works just as well, and in my experience often better, than in person.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy? Let’s back up.

RTT is powerful new form of hypnotherapy, developed by leading UK therapist Marissa Peer. It integrates key aspects of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and NLP, to create a phenomenal level of insight, healing and transformation from a wide range of physical, emotional and mental issues that have been holding people back.

Unlike a lot of traditional hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy is more participatory in so much as there is interaction and dialogue between therapist and client over the course of a 90 minute session. The central and most important tenet of RTT, is finding the root cause of whatever the presenting issue is. So the RTT therapist can then skilfully transform any negative beliefs and emotional imprints surrounding it, and reframe them with new, positive and empowering ones.

(Please read more about RTT here) So, does Rapid Transformational Therapy work over Zoom? In short, yes. Sometimes more effectively than in-person sessions, because clients have the added layer of comfort and security of being in their own home. Similarly, once the session has finished, they can immediately relax and give themselves the space and self-care they need reflect, rather than have to travel home from a therapists treatment room. Naturally, all of my sessions are done remotely right now. But even pre-CV19, most of my clients preferred to conduct their sessions over Zoom or Skype. Why Lock-down offers a great opportunity to try RTT During this unprecedented time of being locked-down in our homes, we all have a unique opportunity to do some personal development and upgrade work. On a basic calculation, the absence of commuting has created (on average) an extra 12 hours a week! What we do with that extra time, is up to us. Understandably, Rapid Transformational Therapy is typically perceived as therapeutic intervention for people who have reached a level of emotional, mental and physical suffering that requires help. And whilst that’s generally the case, I have seen a notable increase recently, of people exploring RTT as a means of improving aspects of their life. Here’s a few examples since lock-down started, literally copying and pasting questions posed to me from my intake form: 1. Can RTT help me be more tolerant with my children? (feeling this one!) 2. I need to take my sales performance to the next level, can you help? 3. I want to get really fit during lock-down and need a boost of motivation (me too!) 4. Can you stop me procrastinating over writing my book? (I know how this feels!) 5. Can this thing (RTT) improve my sex drive, as I have nothing else to do! (fair comment) 6. I’m feeling really overwhelmed by having to manage 200 people remotely, can you help? (learn so much during this one) 7. Can you improve my reading speed and memory recall? 8. I’m terrified of presenting over video conference, can RTT sort this out?

Of course, the answer to all of these is yes.100%. The genius of RTT, and the skill of RTT therapists, is their understanding of, and sensitivity to ‘what lies beneath’. Finding the root cause or the beliefs that are preventing what our clients want, and transforming them to empower them in whatever way they want. So yes, RTT is a very powerful and important intervention tool for trauma. But is equally powerful as a means of levelling-up, and re-fuelling aspect of our lives that we want to be better! What are key considerations with having RTT over Zoom? If you are considering a session, there are of course some important considerations. An RTT therapists treatment space is typically set-up to support the deep, sensitive and private nature of the work. When having an RTT session at home, we need to try and replicate that as much as possible, as well as mitigate any sources of disruption. Here’s 8 tips: 1. Allow at least 2 1/2 hours for your session, which will include an intake discussion, the RTT session and post session discussion. This means making sure other family members or people you live with give you the utmost peace and quiet you need. 2. Make sure you’re seated or lying down in a comfortable, quiet part of the house which gets a strong and stable wifi signal. 3. You need to be in a position whereby the RTT therapist can clearly see you face and hands. 4. Turn ALL devices in the house to silent. 5. If you have any deliveries due, make sure they are instructed NOT to ring or knock on the door bell. 6. Try and use good quality headphones. 7. As tempting as it may be, don’t light any candles or incense as your mind might start to worry about them mid-session. 8. If you’re having a session at a time when the natural light outside might change over the course of 2 hours, make sure you have an ambient light on, so you don’t fall into darkness! Want to discuss or try RTT? During the CV19 lock-down, I am offering a special Rapid Transformational Therapy service designed to support people who are curious, but perhaps not yet ready to fully commit. I completely understand that any hypnotherapy-based practice can be daunting, so if you’d like to discuss RTT with me in more detail, share something you’d like to work on, improve or heal and see if I can help, then please use one of the contact points below, to schedule a free 45 minute insight chat with me. There is no obligation whatsoever, and if you decide to have a session, we can get into the details on the call. Remember, as strange as these time are, this really is a very unique opportunity to do some personal development or performance upgrade work. And I’d be thrilled to support you! For now, wishing you all the calm Christian ..........................................................................................

Contact Options: Schedule direct into my calendar: http://bit.ly/cb_discov_call Call or Whatsapp: +447724521787 Email: christianhburne@gmail.com

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