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CALM | Coaching a super-power

The author Alain De Botton once suggested;

“Calm is one of the most distinctive longings of the modern age.”

I couldn't agree more.

I believe that Calm is becoming increasingly foundational to our emotional, mental and physical wellness.

I also believe that Calm, if developed and leveraged in the right way, is a modern-day super-power. The parent virtue of everything we need in order to cope, but more importantly thrive amongst the irreverence, acceleration and myriad distractions of modern life.

And, breath?

To be clear, I’m not talking here simply about a ‘sitting-in-the-Lotus-position-meditating-for-eight- hours-a-day’ type of Calm.

Neither is this about a ’step back and take ten breaths’ type of Calm.

(Although both of those things have merit).

No, this is a very different type of Calm.

This is a Calm that only comes from a deep level of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

A Calm that supports and nourishes unshakable levels self-belief and self-worth.

A Calm that unshackles us from the opinions of others, and our addiction to permission.

A Calm that gives us mastery over our emotions, and the ability to slide-up and down the emotional scale with purpose, intention and control.

A Calm that qualifies us to define our pain and struggles in a way that empowers us, rather than empowering them to define us.

A Calm that enables us to observe and release our personal life-turbulence (stress, anxiety, depression etc.) with curiosity and compassion, rather than continue to be identified and held back by them.

A Calm that dismantles our self-imposed limitations, in the face of our physical and mental pursuits, giving us the poise, courage and mental strength to achieve amazing things.

A Calm that frames failure, or anything that does not meet our expectations, in a way that teaches us, nourishes our determination and expands our perspective of what’s possible.

A Calm that give us the fearlessness to pursue the life, career, partner, pay rise etc. that we 'really' want.

A Calm that affords us the essential ability to rise up from the trials and tribulations of today’s world, and view them from a higher, less judgmental, less worrisome and more compassionate perspective.

A Calm that allows our children to freely express themselves, explore the world in their magical and unique way and know that they are loved, cherished and appreciated unreservedly.

A Calm to know when it’s time to let people or things in life go — for our greater good — and the courage and serenity to do so.

And a Calm that looks back us in the mirror and winks, tells us we’re doing just fine and reminds us that life is an adventure and not to be taken too seriously.

Introducing CALM

So rather suitably, my bespoke transformation coaching program follows a self-perpetuating model I've developed, entitled CALM

Through this program I help my clients get very, very clear on what they want; eliminate anything that's holding them back from getting it; build the best possible internal and external conditions for success, and develop a personal culture of appreciation and celebration that consistently reinforces and strengthens their growth and expansion.

How CALM works


We can't heal, fix and leave a place we've never been. Neither can we reach for a place without knowing and believing we can get there.

Clarity is truth, relief, focus and direction. Together, these bring a powerful sense of calm to any situation.

The goal of the Clarity stage is to get 100% clear on you want, why you want it, why you haven't go it already and what you need do and change, in order to get it.


Our inner-world creates our outer-world which influences our inner-world. Only through conscious re-arrangement of both, to create the optimal conditions for success, can we break the cycle, and take control of what we create on our lives.

The goal of the Arrangement stage is to run an audit, of what's going on in and outside of us, and make the necessary changes and upgrades to support what we want to achieve.

It's during this stage that we typically use RTT and hypnotherapy, to eliminate and free you from any limiting beliefs or deep rooted emotional issues. Quickly, and permanently.


We can't stop the world from showing-up. Life will always bring us unexpected trials and tribulations here and there. Self-leadership, empowered with clarity, a positively arranged external world and an ongoing commitment to a healthy, upgraded inner-world, builds phenomenal strength, balance, focus and self-confidence as we pursue what we want.


Momentum is ongoing recognition of your growth, and learning to celebrate both the small and big wins across the journey.

Building a habit of measuring and acknowledging your self-worth, and 'relearning' that we are all, more than good enough.

Tried, tested & delivering

This model is over 20 years in the making. It works. It's saved lives, marriages, careers and friendships.

Most importantly, I love watching how it helps my clients pull up out of their turbulence, and get back to smashing life!

What next?

I offer all my clients a free 30 minute discovery and strategy call. This calls is designed to get to know one another, help me understand what you want to achieve, and give you the chance to ask me anything about the process and tools I use.

So, if what you've read is of interest, or you feel ready to make some changes in your life then I'd genuinely love to hear from you.

You can book a call using the link below:


Until then, be well.


+44(0)7724521787 | christianhburne@gmail.com

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