• Christian Burne

3 Bullet Friday Episode 1

Hello, and welcome the first episode 3 bullet Friday.

A short, video dispatch of ideas, insights and inspiration that have percolated during the week.

This weeks

On Clarity: Why being hyper-aware of your instincts is so important.

On Alignment: The delicate art of 'knowing who to ask'.

On Leadership: Reiterating the importance of James Clear's Motion vs Action concept, as a means of levelling up results.

If you want to chat with me in more detail about any of these ideas, or would like to discuss how my one-on-one coaching support or Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you build unshakable self-worth, confidence and freedom, then I'd be delighted to connect with via one of the channels below:

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Have a great weekend!



Christian Burne is a professional Transformation Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist. Helping ambitious, purpose driven professionals break-from free fear and self-doubt to to build a life defined by unshakable self-worth, confidence and freedom.

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