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Hello there,

My name is Christian Burne. I’m a Coach and Hypnotherapist. I free people from a wide range of emotional, mental and physical issues that are holding them back from being happy and enjoying life on their terms.


I specialise in helping ambitious people resolve the cause of social anxiety, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome. As well as other wide range of other anxiety disorders, low self-confidence and people suffering from a loss of direction and motivation.


I have suffered from most these conditions in the past, and use that experience, compassion and empathy in my work

I am a qualified professional in a series of therapeutic, healing and coaching techniques, with RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy - at the centre of my work. My practice is as far from off-the-shelf as you can get. Putting my clients, their issue and world view - at the centre of my work, in ALL cases. 

The Calling

I first discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) in 2018, and having wanted to transition from the corporate world for several years.when I learnt more about this incredible new form of hypnotherapy, I couldn’t NOT pursue it. It was a calling.

I immediately knew it was time to step up into a career and life devoted to helping people transform their lives. Free them from whatever has been holding them back, and assist them in breaking-through to be the best version of themselves.

Auspicious Times


I look upon these times we live in today as a powerful contrast of accelerated anxiety and exhilarating opportunity. Change and transformation is happening everywhere, and in real-time. The very word ‘status quo’ is quickly becoming obsolete.

And yet arguably more than ever before, we're faced today with extraordinary opportunities to pursue a life defined on our own terms. Defined by happiness. Joy. Passion. Fun. Peace of mind. Excitement.


We have both the right and the responsibility to live life in the best way we possibly can. We all have the power to free ourselves from whatever is holding us back, and to define and live the life we want.


This is precisely what I’m here to help you with.


I'm at war with anxiety. I'm obsessed with igniting unshakeable self-confidence and I live for those moments when I see my clients break-through to levels of happiness, strength and success they once thought were beyond their reach.

 Everything starts with “Hello”


My mission as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach is to help people understand and use the power of  Calm to resolve a whatever is creating turbulence in their lives. Guiding them, with the necessary advice, support and tools to help them get there.

If this sounds like the type of journey you, or perhaps someone you know, might like to explore, then I’d be thrilled to hear from you. 


Together, we will change your life, and get you back in the game!


​Here's to your transformation!

Christian Burne