Level Up For 2021

This is an exclusive offer to embark on a 21 day intensive, one-on-one transformation coaching program, to halt your slide into burnout and rediscover your fire.

What Will I Get?

1. Invaluable clarity on why you are where are, how to start generating more positivity and optimism  straight away, and emotionally connect with where you ‘really’ want to be.

2. A safe and empowering space to discover the root cause of why you burnout.

3. A powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy session to permanently resolve that root cause,  replacing it with new and empowering beliefs to support you going forward.

4. A clear understanding of what your ideal next 12 months look like, and how to build new levels of commitment, control and competency to get you there.

5. A renewed sense of energy, motivation, confidence and optimism.

How does it work?
The program includes 4 sessions:
1) Clarity Session 

 90 minute one-on-one coaching session to generate powerful clarity on where you are,  why you're there and where you really want to be.


We’ll go through a series of self-enquiry exercises that will give you fresh understanding and perspective. Clarity leads to commitment, which quickly leads to enthusiasm, focus, determination, optimism and resourcefulness. This session alone can be enough to turn you around and get you fired up again.

2) Resolution Session 


 90 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session to permanently resolve the deep, root cause behind your burn-out, and reframe it in a way that gives you new levels of emotional and mental freedom to rediscover your commitment, control and fire!

3) Resilience Coaching


Two further 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions that will help you plan out and take action towards building new levels of Commitment, Control, Competence and an essential ‘Challenger' mindset. These 4 C’s are my pillars of unshakable resilience and will collectively catapult back into the game, on your terms! 

What Do I Do Now?

1. Send me a WhatsApp to +447724521787 and we'll schedule an initial 30 minute Personal Insight call. This is free, with zero-obligation. It’s a chance for you to share where you’re at, ask me any questions about the program and sessions, and then make a decision as to whether you want to secure your place.

2. If you choose to make the investment in yourself, we’ll schedule your first 2 sessions there and then, and I’ll send you your on-boarding information.

3. All the sessions will be done remotely over Skype or Zoom, with ongoing access via Whatsapp and email.

4. The sessions will ideally be conducted over the 21 day period but we can also work around your schedule. 



This is a ‘very' limited offer being provided at 50% of my normal rates. I only have the time capacity to work with 15 people, so if you're committed to rediscovering your control, motivation and commitment then please message or call ASAP to lock in your place.

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