Light and Shadow

"What if all you have to lose, is everything that's holding you back from where you really want to be?"

Whether it's bouncing back from a difficult life experience, making that move to open your own business, or finally ready to push through to your next level of success; every transition we embark on is an opportunity for exhilarating personal growth and transformation.


Question is, how exhilarating do you want it to be? 

About Christian Burne

Christian Burne is a professional Transformation Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.


He helps people from all over the world eliminate whatever is holding them back from creating the life and results they want, particularly during periods of major personal and professional transition.


By helping his clients see and define the full-scale of the possibility that their transition represents, he simultaneously reveals all the opportunities for personal growth and transformation that will assist them in making it as powerfully and confidently as possible.

Christian's work is entirely driven by what his clients need and the nature and stage of their transition. He has a particular specialisation, however,  in helping his clients up-level their self-image and self-esteem, get deep clarity on their vision and purpose while developing the systems, resilience and balance needed for peak performance.

As well as his training and certifications in Coaching, RTT and clinical hypnotherapy, Christian brings a tremendous amount of life experience to his work. 


Originally from London, Christian now lives with his family in Sweden,  working with clients all over the world, passionately dedicated to his mission of helping as many people as he can, up-level to the life and success they truly want. 

"Never underestimate the power and potential of a single deep conversation." Christian Burne

Practice Areas


Private Coaching

Private Coaching is a bespoke program of focussed, one-one-one coaching support to assist you from getting from where you are now, to where you really want to be. My signature course Up-Level runs for 3  - 6 months depending on what's needed. I also run one-month intensives for clients who need shorter, more urgent and short-term support. 

If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, and get an initial experience of what it's like to be coached, then I invite you to book a complimentary 45-minute clarity session by clicking the button below.


Team Coaching

'Transitions' are never more frequent and potentially transformative than within an organisation. Having spent 20 years in the Agency world I've first hand experience into how fast people, business, change and opportunities move.  

Particularly now, with such tremendous global change and macro transition across all levels of culture and society, supporting your greatest assets - your people - has never been more vital.

I love working with small teams in agencies, start-ups and SME's and provide a 3 - 12 month program of tailored, group and individual coaching support. 


If you'd like to discuss this in more detail please send me a message to +46(0)702147314 or email me at


In simple terms, hypnotherapy and RTT make deep and lasting change, by removing unwanted thoughts and behavioural patterns from the unconscious mind; re-educating it to the way you want it to be.

I am both a fully certified 

hypnotherapist, and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy.

My hypnotherapy speciality is self-esteem and helping my clients break free from the limiting emotions and behaviours created by their self-esteem shield.

If you'd like to understand more about self-esteem issues and/or your shield then I invite you to book a complimentary 45-minute clarity session by clicking the button below.


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